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Carbon fiber autoclave molding process

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                 When carbon fiber products use the autoclave process, the methods and steps are similar. Basically, they follow the steps of laying up blank parts, making vacuum bags, vacuum leak detection, putting the workpiece into the tank and starting the temperature rise program, pressurization, heat preservation and pressure preservation, cooling, and cooling. The sequence of press shutdown and workpiece removal from the can is carried out. The main difference lies in the difference in molds and the process parameters set according to the required performance of the product. After curing and demoulding, the appearance quality of carbon fiber products can be tested through visual inspection and measuring tools, non-destructive testing can be carried out with the help of ultra-Gyroscope, X-ray, infrared, etc., and destructive testing can be carried out through microscopic observation and sampling testing. It is worth noting that when the temperature in the tank is higher than 150°C or the pressure is greater than 1MPa, inert gas should be used for pressurization. After the autoclave starts to pressurize, the vacuum bag may leak. In this case, you should judge and handle it based on the actual situation.


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