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Carbon fiber agricultural plant protection machine

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Agricultural unmanned plant protection aircraft is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. It consists of a flight platform (fixed wing, single rotor, multi rotor), GPS flight control, and spraying mechanism. Through ground remote control or GPS flight control, it can achieve spraying operations and can spray pesticides, seeds, powders, etc. Although agricultural plant protection drones are small in size, they are powerful in function. Taking an electric plant protection drone with a load of 10 kilograms as an example, its spraying efficiency is thirty times that of traditional manual spraying, and the daily operating area can reach 300-500 acres. By reducing the amount of pesticide used, the actual effectiveness of pesticides can be improved. On the other hand, the operator controls the unmanned plant protection machine through ground remote control positioning. The downward airflow generated by its rotor helps to increase the penetration of fog flow into crops, resulting in good prevention and control effects. Remote control of pesticide spraying also greatly improves the safety of pesticide spraying.

With the promotion and application of carbon fiber composite materials, their high strength and lightweight material characteristics have been valued and welcomed by unmanned plant protection machine manufacturers. At present, the components of unmanned plant protection machines made of carbon fiber composite materials mainly include propeller blades, body wall tubes, body shell, and battery shell components.


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