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Can carbon fiber be used to make gateway poles?

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The lifting speed of the gate pole is directly related to its own weight. Generally speaking, the heavier the pole, the slower the lifting speed and the greater the energy consumption required. Carbon fiber tubes have the advantages of high strength, light weight, and rapid lifting and landing. An ordinary 6-meter-long landing pole takes 6 seconds to rise and fall, while the fastest landing time of a carbon fiber landing pole of the same length and size is only 0.2 seconds. It The application can effectively solve the shortcomings of slow rise and fall of high-speed ETC. This is especially applicable to high-efficiency electronic identification parking systems, especially during peak periods of entry and exit traffic, which can effectively reduce the waiting time required for vehicles to enter and exit and improve service efficiency.

Future is developing more uses for carbon fiber pipes and hopes to make them a common pipe material. It is believed that carbon fiber, as a new material for making gate poles, will make traffic smoother and life more convenient.

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