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Are Kevlar helmets really bulletproof?

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Kevlar's original name in English is KEVLAR, also translated as Kevlar. It is a registered trademark of an aramid fiber material developed by Dupont Company in the United States. The common name of this material is "polyphenylene terephthalamide" ", it is an aramid composite material with low density, high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance, easy processing and molding, and is a good protective material.

The product name: PASGT (M88) soft secondary helmet Kevlar material developed by DuPont is specifically designed for military bulletproof levels.

What are the characteristics of Kevlar helmets?

Helmet wall thickness 1cm

Size: One size fits all, adjustable collar, suitable for head circumference below 63cm


Special soft protective materials imported from Europe, military canvas hanging webbing, imitation leather lining ring, imitation leather chin rest.

Protection level:

The secondary protection standard can effectively prevent the penetration of 7.62MM lead-core bullets launched by 54, bullet speed: 420-450M/S, warhead weight: 5.5g, and depression depth <2.5cm.

              This product has reasonable design, large protection area, three-point suspension system, and sponge padding on the front, back and top, making it more comfortable and safer to wear; the particle matte surface treatment is corrosion-resistant and non-reflective, making it easier to conceal and camouflage, and the performance is safer .

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