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Are carbon fiber trekking poles better than aluminum alloy trekking poles?

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Traditional trekking poles are made of aluminum alloy, but currently the most popular and best-selling trekking poles on the market are carbon fiber composite trekking poles. Today we will take a look at how carbon fiber eliminates aluminum alloy:

1.Light weight

The density of carbon fiber composite materials is only about 1.7g/cm3, and the density of aluminum alloy is about 2.7g/cm3. In such a comparison, the advantages of carbon fiber composite materials are obvious.

2. High strength

The strength of T300 grade carbon fiber has reached about 3500MPa. Although the carbon fiber composite material produced has been reduced, it is still much stronger than the softer aluminum alloy.

3. Low thermal expansion coefficient

Metal materials have a characteristic, which is thermal expansion and contraction. Outdoor mountaineering is inevitably high temperature and cold, and aluminum alloy trekking poles are not immune to it. The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber composite materials is lower than 1/10 of metal, and the thermal expansion and contraction are not obvious, which is its advantage.

4.Good durability

Carbon fiber composite materials have good acid and alkali resistance and impact resistance. In actual use, they can better cope with complex and diverse environments than aluminum alloys, and have a longer overall service life.

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