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Application of carbon fiber roller in papermaking, printing and related industries

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           Carbon fiber composite roller has great application potential in papermaking, printing and related industries, although it is still in the initial stage of application, but the actual application effect has attracted the attention of the industry.

Carbon fiber rollers for paper machines:

The roller is the most standardized, serialized and generalized structural component in the paper machine. Compared with the ordinary metal roller, the carbon fiber roller has light weight and high strength, which can greatly reduce the self-weight of the roller and reduce the weight of the paper machine equipment as a whole. If the roller weight is too heavy or the speed is too fast, it will cause the roller deflection to increase, and then cause the roller surface coating layer damage and the roller shaft head fracture, etc., the use of carbon fiber rollers can effectively reduce this problem, especially in the case of wide web, the performance advantages of carbon fiber rollers are more obvious. 

On the other hand, carbon fiber composite materials have strong corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and the strong corrosion resistance of carbon fiber can also resist the corrosion of polyvinyl acetate glue, and it is very convenient to maintain and clean. The roller made of this material has a long service life, can adapt to a large working temperature difference, and has high portability for installation and disassembly, which can reduce operating costs to a certain extent. In paper mills that require machines to operate at high speed for a long time, the frequency of part damage and maintenance can be reduced, which has a positive significance for production safety and production efficiency.

      Carbon fiber rollers for printing presses:

In printing machinery, vibration has a direct impact on print quality - the greater the vibration, the worse the final print quality. Relevant studies have proved that the magnitude of such vibration is related to the elastic modulus (stiffness) of the roller material itself. 

                  The traditional steel roller performs well at normal speed, but as the machine runs at higher and higher speeds, the vibration becomes larger and larger. In order to improve the situation, printing machinery engineers began to use carbon fiber composite roller instead of steel roller. Because the rigidity of carbon fiber is significantly higher than that of traditional metal materials such as steel, not only the vibration is small, but also the strong torque and tension brought by high speed can be carried, when the machine reaches a certain speed, this advantage of carbon fiber roller is more obvious.

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