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Application of carbon fiber in stationery field

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     The carbon fiber industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has penetrated into various fields, almost pervasively. Whether it is precision watches, business cards, high-end cars, luggage, etc., they can all be made of carbon fiber. The rapid development of carbon fiber is something that many people did not expect. However, a new product, new material, and new application will only make new progress through trial.

   Carbon fiber has high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and friction resistance, and is easy to clean. Stationery is a commonly used product. It is constantly rubbing against other things during use. If it is not resistant to friction, its service life will be short. Stationery that can be made of carbon fiber includes staplers, pen holders, rulers, pens, etc. Take a ruler for example. Most rulers are made of plastic, which is not only fragile and easy to break, but also not resistant to wear and tear. After a period of use, the scales on them become unclear. This will not happen with carbon fiber rulers. Stationery needs to be in constant contact with human hands. In summer, the human body is prone to sweating, and sweat has a corrosive effect. Carbon fiber is corrosion-resistant, and it is very simple to clean when it is dirty. Just wipe it with a cloth.

     Carbon fiber is relatively expensive, and carbon fiber cars, carbon fiber watches, etc. are all luxury goods. However, stationery is simple to make, does not use much carbon fiber material, and has a long service life. Once you buy one, it can be used for decades, so overall the price/performance ratio is relatively high. However, there are still very few carbon fiber stationery products on the market and have not been put into mass production. I believe it will become popular in the near future.

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