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Application of carbon fiber composite materials in auto parts

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         With the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction and the development of automobile lightweight, the advantages of carbon fiber composite materials in auto parts are gradually showing. At present, carbon fiber composite materials are more and more common in the production of auto parts, such as brake pads, drive shafts, body shells, fuel tanks, battery boxes, etc.

  In view of the development trend of the automobile industry, the application of carbon fiber composite materials in auto parts will have broad application prospects. This article will briefly explain some of the application advantages of carbon fiber.


1.Light weight and high strength

   Compared with ordinary steel, its density is only 1/4-1/5 of its density, but the mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials are far superior to traditional metal materials. Compared with traditional steel, carbon fiber material has 3-4 times the tensile strength, 2-3 times the stiffness, 2 times the fatigue resistance, and 4-5 times smaller thermal expansion coefficient than steel. times. Therefore, the use of carbon fiber materials can significantly reduce the mass of the car body, thereby reducing the power requirements of the car, and then adopting a smaller drive engine and suspension device, which reduces the impact risk of the car by reducing kinetic energy. Therefore, the use of carbon fiber materials for the manufacture of auto parts can significantly reduce the overall mass of the car and realize the lightweight of the car.

2.Good plasticity

     Carbon fiber material has very good plasticity, can process various auto parts, and can also be made into a one-piece overall structure. For example, the iron car seats currently used in automobiles need to be welded with 50-60 parts during the installation process. However, if carbon fiber materials are used to design an integrally formed seat, not only the processing time can be shortened, but also its accuracy can be effectively improved. Guarantee. For example, the currently used resin transfer molding technology has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and green environmental protection. This manufacturing technology can shorten the traditional molding time from days to minutes.


3.Good corrosion resistance 

        Many parts of the car are subject to corrosion by chemical agents such as engine oil, gasoline and automobile transmission fluid in the process of use. And have to withstand the test of high temperature, severe cold and salt spray and other harsh environments. Under these harsh conditions, the service life of traditional metal parts will be affected, and the consistency of their quality cannot be guaranteed under different environmental conditions. However, carbon fiber materials do not have the rust and corrosion problems of traditional metal materials. Carbon fiber material has very good corrosion resistance, good acid resistance, seawater resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and organic solvent resistance. Therefore, auto parts made of carbon fiber materials have a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

4.Structural integration

     Modularization and integration are an inevitable trend in the development of automobile structures, which is difficult to achieve with traditional metal materials. However, the excellent characteristics of carbon fiber material itself make it possible to modularize and integrate the structure of automobiles. Only by applying reasonable molds, it is possible to integrally form auto parts, protrusions, ribs, and corrugations of different thicknesses. . Therefore, the use of carbon fiber materials can overcome the above problems for automobile parts that are difficult to manufacture, low in production efficiency, and difficult to ensure precision for traditional steel sheets. At present, many automobiles have begun to apply carbon fiber composite materials to the body, which can not only reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, but also increase the rigidity and strength of its components, so that the performance of the whole vehicle has also been significantly improved.

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