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Application advantages of carbon fiber in reinforcement and anti-corrosion of submarine pipelines

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           Submarine pipelines are known as the lifeline of offshore oil and gas field development and the most effective and safest means of transportation for offshore oil and gas resource development. However, due to the harsh service environment of the pipeline, its possible defects, the long-term uninterrupted service process, and the existence of many uncertain factors, the corrosion, defects, and damage of the pipeline are inevitable, and the existence of these defects seriously threatens the safe operation of the pipeline. , if not dealt with and repaired in time, it may cause major losses and accidents.

Subsea pipeline

            At present, the repair and reinforcement of pipelines generally adopt repair methods such as the replacement of pipelines, welding, fixtures, and composite materials. Carbon fiber composite reinforcement technology is a kind of composite material repair technology. Carbon fiber is coated with bonding resin to form a reinforcement layer outside the pipeline, sharing the load of the pipeline and reducing the stress and strain of the pipe wall, thereby restoring or improving the pipeline. Pressure-bearing capacity is currently the most promising repair and reinforcement technology.

   Carbon fiber composite sheet repairing steel pipeline structure is a kind of structural repair and reinforcement technology developed in the 1990s. This technology is highly valued in the world and has been widely used in chemical plants, civil buildings, bridges, and other special structures. It has become the development trend of steel pipeline structure repair and reinforcement. Compared with the traditional metal material repair method, this repair technology has five obvious advantages, one is high tensile strength and strength modulus, and excellent creep resistance; The layering design of the material is carried out according to the force condition; the third is to have a variety of forming processes, which can repair and strengthen pipes with large areas or complex structures, as well as irregular pipe fittings such as elbows, tees, and large and small heads; Fourth, the construction is simple and fast, and the repair and reinforcement The strong repair time is short and the cost is low; the fifth is the advantages of no welding, no fire, pressure repair, and low risk.

            In the past 10 years, carbon fiber composite repair technology has been more and more used in the repair of pipelines with severe corrosion, mechanical damage, cracks, and leaks. The carbon fiber composite reinforcement repair system consists of four parts: carbon fiber cloth, adhesive dipping glue, primer, and special repair agent. They work together on the pipeline as a whole. When using the carbon fiber composite material repair system to repair the defects, first use the filling resin to fill in the defects, and then wind the carbon fiber composite material composed of carbon fiber and epoxy binder outside the pipeline to form a composite material repair outside the pipeline. Floor. The fill-level resin has excellent compressive strength after curing. Carbon fiber composites have extremely high tensile strength and elastic modulus after curing. It will limit the radial expansion and deformation at the defect by filling the resin, reduce the tensile stress and strain at the defect, and limit the stress concentration at the defect of the pipeline, to achieve the reinforcement and repair of the pipeline and restore the normal pressure bearing capacity of the pipeline. , reducing the risk of the pipeline.

             The carbon fiber composite material repair system uses its special repairing agent to fill and level the defects. After curing, the special repairing agent has an excellent compressive strength greater than 100MPa. The special repair agent and epoxy primer function to transmit the pressure of the pipe wall in the radial direction. The carbon fiber and epoxy resin are wound outside the pipe, and the carbon fiber composite material is formed after the resin is cured. The carbon fiber composite material has high tensile strength after curing. It can transmit the pressure through the special repair agent and the adhesion between itself and the pipe, sharing the pipe The internal pressure can limit the expansion and deformation of the pipeline, reduce the tensile stress and strain at the defect, and realize the reinforcement and repair of the pipeline defect.

Carbon fiber composite material reinforcement and repair technology is a safe and reliable pipeline reinforcement and repair technology, which can repair and strengthen common defects such as pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage. With the continuous deepening of research on carbon fiber composite materials, the application field of carbon fiber composite materials will continue to expand.   

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