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An important part of carbon fiber sandwich composite structure -------- carbon fiber sandwich composite structure

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          Carbon fiber sandwich composite structure is an important application form of carbon fiber parts. Through reasonable structural design, it is composed of carbon fiber composite material prepreg and honeycomb or foam sandwich. Value has a higher advantage.

           The carbon fiber composite material itself has the advantage of shock absorption, while the honeycomb sandwich structure or foam sandwich structure inside the carbon fiber sandwich composite material is less dense, contains a large number of closed honeycomb cells and small-sized gaps, which is conducive to saving more Compared with solid-phase medium, air-phase medium transmits energy very slowly and has good sound insulation effect. Therefore, carbon fiber sandwich composite structural components perform ideally in terms of shock absorption and noise reduction.

            Carbon fiber sandwich composite structural parts generally use carbon fiber composite material as the surface material. The matrix resin of carbon fiber composite material is a high molecular polymer polymerized by monomer molecules, with stable chemical properties and good acid and alkali resistance, humidity and heat resistance. Performance, carbon fiber sandwich composite structural parts have low maintenance cost, long life and higher practical value

            Common carbon fiber sandwich composite structural parts are prepared in two ways: co-curing and secondary curing. Co-curing refers to laying down the carbon fiber lower skin, plastic film, sandwich material, plastic film, and upper skin in the order. Paste it on the forming mold, and then place the above-paved mold and product in a set temperature and pressure environment to solidify and form, and then demould and repair to obtain the final product; secondary curing refers to the carbon fiber first The prepreg skin is cured and formed under certain temperature and pressure conditions, and then the sandwich material and the cured skin are bonded and cured, and finally demolded and modified. Compared with co-curing, the secondary curing method is to form the skin under a higher pressure environment, which can ensure that the rigidity of the skin meets the standard and effectively improve the compression resistance of the sandwich material.

             It should be noted that the molding process of composite materials has a certain specificity, which is often a specific process plan for a part, and the differences in personnel, equipment, materials, technical levels and preparation environments will affect the final performance of the parts. influences.

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