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Advantages and disadvantages of sound carbon fiber floor mats

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         The advantage of the sound carbon fiber foot pad is that the shock absorption effect is good; the disadvantage is that it is too light. The suspension effect of carbon fiber is very good. Because pure carbon fiber has the characteristics of high modulus fiber and high strength, although it is lighter than metal aluminum, its strength is higher than that of steel, and its corrosion resistance is extremely strong, so it is very suitable as a shock absorber for audio equipment. Even heavily cushioned power amplifiers or large speakers are no problem.

The effect of the foot pad

          The sound carbon fiber foot pad is "soft on the outside and rigid on the inside". It has excellent seismic performance and good electromagnetic shielding properties. It is a "natural material" for the shock-absorbing foot pad of audio equipment. Aluminum alloys are much cheaper than carbon fiber, but are prone to metal fatigue. The shock absorption effect of carbon fiber is much better than that of aluminum alloy.

         Carbon fiber frames are high-end frames, while aluminum frames are mid- and low-end frames. The carbon fiber frame has excellent corrosion resistance, good elasticity, and outstanding shock absorption effect, while the aluminum alloy frame has poor elasticity and low strength.

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