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About mast making

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       Masts for windsurfing are generally divided into 3 grades: FLX100, FLX70 and FLX40. All masts are made with a winding process to ensure precise control of yarn preload and resin infiltration of yarn (avoiding coiling defects caused by air bubbles that may be generated by the manufacturing process). All masts have precisely controlled camber and flex curves to fit all brands of sails on the market.


         Premium grade masts have a high carbon fiber content to reduce mast weight and significantly improve response speed and overall performance.

        All masts are precisely wound from a single yarn by an automatic winding machine through a computer-preset program. Each type of mast corresponds to a separate yarn laying program, which precisely winds the carbon fiber at different angles, while the yarn tension and other corresponding parameters interact to achieve the required product bending curve. Only the precise angle winding solution with preload provided by the winding process can solve the huge torsion problem that the mast is subjected to during the movement.

Buying mast advice

         Choose an RDM mast for a softer, more durable and comfortable feel. Choose an SDM mast for a more responsive, stable and precise feel. For competitive sails we recommend the SDM mast


1) The upper curved mast of the Flex Top has the advantage that it is easy to make the sails float on the top of the sail, and the wind is unloaded by sliding, which is suitable for high-end players and surfing enthusiasts.

2) Constant curve

       This is a mid-bend mast like most masts on the market. more suitable for most people's needs. More suitable for ordinary players and beginners to use.


3) Head Top

        This case is the lower curved mast. This type of mast is less played with pavement players.


Make a Mast Trademark

        The stickers are composed of imported epoxy stickers and special customized inks. When the sticker is made, it is attached to the inner layer of the resin, and after curing, it is integrated with the product, and it has strong weather resistance without falling.

Laser engraving machine

       Can engrave customer's logo, mast model factory code and other customer-required patterns

Mast factory test

       For several parts of the mast that are relatively easy to break, we designed a special machine for testing. And obtained the corresponding quality certification


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