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About carbon fiber monofilament winding process

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          The superiority of the winding process over other processes in the processing of pipe fittings lies in the premise of maintaining fiber continuity.

Provide sufficient preload so that the resin can better infiltrate it (avoiding defects caused by air bubbles that may be generated between layers).

       Through in-depth study of composite material layup, careful design of winding program, accurate control of winding angle,The selection of suitable carbon fibers and the precise control of a series of process elements such as complete follow-up product testing,Pipe fittings made by winding process, especially special-shaped pipe fittings, have more and more trends to replace metal pipes in many occasions.


        Tubes with a high carbon fiber content offer lower weight and higher overall performance. After combining with other processes/equipment,Our future winding process can even make elbows, I-beams, etc. which have broad prospects in the industrial field.

1. Wet winding

         This method is mainly to first thoroughly infiltrate the carbon fiber tow in the resin, and then   continuously wind it on the steel core mold of the carbon fiber tube by controlling the tension.This method is the mainstream way of making carbon fiber tubes. The main advantages are: the process is economical, which can effectively reduce the production cost; the internal sealing effect of the product is good, and the internal air is squeezed out,Greatly reduce product porosity; carbon fiber fiber layout is balanced and flat;With resin lubrication, the carbon fiber wear can be reduced during the production process, and the production speed is fast.The disadvantages are: there is a certain waste of resin raw materials; it is difficult to control the quality and accuracy of the product; the washability of the matrix is low.

2. Dry winding

        The main raw material for making carbon fiber tubes by dry winding is carbon fiber prepreg yarn, and the raw materials are heated on the winding machine.After becoming soft and sticky, it is wound on the mandrel. The production of prepreg allows precise control of the formulation,

Therefore, the quality and stability of the produced products are easier to control. This method of production is more efficient.And the production environment is clean and hygienic, the product quality is relatively higher, but the cost is better, and the shear between the fiber layers is low.

How is the yarn laid?

        All carbon fiber pipes are precisely wound with a single yarn by an automatic winding machine through a computer pre-set program.Each type of tube corresponds to a separate yarn laying program, which precisely winds the carbon fiber at different angles.At the same time, the yarn tension and other corresponding parameters interact to achieve the required bending curve of the product.Only the precise angle winding solution of the yarn with preload provided by the winding process can perfectly solve the pipeThe biggest torque problem in the application.

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