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Self-dimming welding mask, a new type of labor protection products!

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Self-dimming welding mask is a new type of labor protection product, which is an updated product of traditional hand-held welding mask. When using the hand-held welding mask, you need to hold the welding torch in one hand and the welding mask in the other, occupying both hands of the welder; because it uses ordinary black glass, the damage to the eyes and facial skin cannot be avoided by welding. ; And because the hand-held welding mask does not have an automatic dimming function, it is necessary to remove the mask before and after welding to observe the welding workpiece, which is easy to damage the eyes. Because of its advanced design, the automatic darkening welding mask avoids the above shortcomings of the hand-held welding mask.

The FT series auto-darkening welding masks produced by Future composites are the outstanding crystallization of our scientific researchers' efforts over the years. It has beautiful appearance, ample internal space, comfortable wearing, and has the advantages of fast response time, high definition, wide viewing angle, return light time and sensitivity can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is suitable for TIG, MIG, MAG welding and other various application technologies such as arc welding, plasma cutting and grinding. All technical parameters have reached ENANSI and other international standards, and the protection index is at the domestic advanced level. It can safely filter the radiation of harmful rays of electric welding, fully protect the face and eyes of electric welding operators, and avoid harmful rays such as ultraviolet and infrared rays. harm.


The automatic darkening welding mask has the following characteristics:

1. Suitable for various electric welding (including argon arc welding) and gas welding operations;

2. No need to hold it, freeing the worker's hands. During welding, both hands can cooperate with each other and coordinate the operation;

3. The mask is made of high-strength flame-retardant material, which can resist impact and isolate ultraviolet rays; the lens has the function of filtering out infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, effectively protecting the eyes and facial skin from infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and strong light;

4. The lenses have an automatic dimming function. Before welding, the lens is transparent, and the operator can clearly view the welding workpiece without removing the mask. At the moment when the arc is generated (1/20000 second), the lens turns black to protect the eyes from damage. After the arc disappears, the lens becomes transparent again, and the welding situation can be directly observed. This feature of the automatic light-changing welding mask avoids blind welding, prevents the occurrence of electro-optic eye disease, and also improves the welding quality and work efficiency;

5. Using solar cells as working power, automatic switch, reliable performance. When the mask touches the light source, the switch is turned on; after the light source is isolated, the power is automatically turned off within 15 minutes;

6. It has the function of stepless adjustment of darkness. According to the size of the welding current, the darkness can be adjusted between 9# and 13# to ensure that the welding situation can be seen during the welding process and the eyes are protected;

7. It has the function of stepless adjustment of sensitivity, which can adjust the sensitivity according to different welding needs to adapt to various welding environments;

8. Light weight, and the size of the chinstrap can be adjusted according to the size of the head, which is comfortable to wear without fatigue.

FT series automatic dimming welding mask, the lens window is 98×48mm 90x40mm 92*42mm 100*60mm 100*90mm, with shading number DIN9-13, sensitivity (from light to dark) and delay adjustment (from dark to light) , suitable for inverter welding machine TIG, MIG, MAG and arc welding (not suitable for laser welding). Solar panels are used to convert welding arc light into electrical energy for LCD dimming. It can be used for welding operations of various arc welding machines, the response time is 0.1ms, the shading number is No. 4 in the bright state, and the number 9-13 in the dark state. The adjustment function is complete, and the main protection technical indicators such as ultraviolet and infrared transmittance are in line with the European EN379 standard.

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