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5 advantages of carbon fiber bicycles

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1.Light weight

Effectively reducing the overall weight of the bicycle, cyclists can reduce physical energy loss during riding, increase speed faster, and ride farther.

2. Good rigidity

Due to its excellent specific strength, carbon fiber makes the overall stiffness of the bicycle larger, which is conducive to the conversion of driving force, which in disguise improves the controllability of the entire vehicle and improves riding comfort. With greater stiffness, carbon fiber bicycles are not easily deformed and have a longer riding life.

3. Good earthquake resistance

The good damping properties of carbon fiber composite materials can improve the anti-shock effect, provide cushioning when bumps occur during riding, and make riding more comfortable.

4. Good safety

Carbon fiber bicycles have good impact resistance and will not be damaged in ordinary collisions. Research shows that the impact resistance test of a carbon fiber composite frame can exceed one million times.

5. Good patience

Carbon fiber bicycles have good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance and oxidation resistance. They can adapt to many complex environments and are easy to store.

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