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Why is carbon fiber surfboard the leader in water sports equipment?

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The advantages of carbon fiber surfboard are relatively comprehensive, and it is a very good booster for surfing.

So, what are the advantages of a carbon fiber surfboard that makes it a leader in water sports equipment?

 1. Strong designability: For surfing enthusiasts, it is a pleasure to customize a surfboard of their own. Carbon fiber surfboards can meet this need.

 2. Corrosion resistance: Surfboards are soaked in seawater for a long time, and their service life faces severe challenges. In addition to oxygen and hydrogen in seawater, there are also chemical factors such as Cl, Na, Mg, S, Ca, K, and Br. Carbon fiber surfboards have strong acid and alkali resistance and salt resistance, effectively improving the service life.

3. High strength: Sea surfing is a very big test for people and surfboards, which need to withstand the huge impact of waves. If the material rigidity of the surfboard is not enough, it will be easily damaged and decomposed during surfing, which is very dangerous for people. The rigidity of carbon fiber surfboard is about 5 times that of steel, which can well resist the strong impact of waves, which not only ensures the fun of surfing but also improves safety.

4. Lightweight: When the surfboard first appeared, it weighed more than 50 kg. After continuous optimization, the current surfboard is mostly made of PU soft board and epoxy resin hardboard, and the weight is about 20 kg. The weight of the surfboard made of carbon fiber material can be less than 15 kg, which is a good choice for professional surfers.

5. Good shock resistance: Carbon fiber composite materials have good cushioning and shock resistance. After being made into carbon fiber surfboards, they can better maintain the balance of surfing, let surfers better control, reduce the difficulty of getting started, and make it easier to make surfboards. Some difficult moves.

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