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Carbon Fiber Automotive Exteriors

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          Carbon fiber rearview mirror housing and license plate frame: There are still many actual cases of carbon fiber rearview mirror and license plate frame. Don’t underestimate this small carbon fiber rearview mirror housing, which can give the car a better user experience and fashion sense , bringing more added value to the marketing and branding of automobiles.

          Carbon fiber bumper and bracket: Both the carbon fiber bumper and bracket have a good energy absorption effect. In a high-speed collision, the bracket absorbs a large part of the kinetic energy, and the bumper absorbs the remaining kinetic energy, while ensuring personal safety. The carbon fiber bumper and the bracket are complementary in actual use, and the two interact to achieve better energy absorption. If you have to make a comparison, when the thickness of the carbon fiber bracket reaches 3mm, the energy absorption effect will exceed that of the carbon fiber bumper.

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