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Carbon fiber cloth

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           Carbon fiber cloth is also known as carbon fiber cloth,carbon fiber woven cloth, carbon fiber prepreg cloth, carbon fiber reinforcement cloth, carbon cloth, carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber tape, carbon fiber sheet (prepreg cloth), etc. Carbon fiber reinforcement cloth is a unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcement product, usually woven with 12K carbon fiber filaments.

           Future is available in two thicknesses: 0.111mm (200g) and 0.167mm (300g). Various widths: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 500mm and other special widths required for projects. With the continuous development of the carbon fiber cloth industry, more and more industries and enterprises have used carbon fiber cloth, and some companies have entered the carbon fiber cloth industry and developed.

1. High-quality carbon fiber performance:

          Carbon fiber is a new type of high-modulus fiber material with a carbon content of more than 95%. Carbon fiber has many excellent properties:

1). The axial strength and modulus of carbon fiber are high.

2). Low density, no creep, very high temperature resistance in non-oxidizing environment. The chemical properties of carbon fiber are similar to carbon, except that it can be oxidized by strong oxidants, it is inert to general alkali. When the temperature in the air is higher than 400, significant oxidation occurs to generate CO and CO2.

3). Good fatigue resistance.

4). The specific heat and electrical conductivity are between non-metals and metals, and the thermal expansion coefficient is small and anisotropic.

5). It does not melt or swell in solvents, acids and alkalis in agricultural production systems, and has outstanding corrosion resistance. Some scholars soaked polyacrylonitrile-based (PAN-based) carbon fiber in a strong alkali sodium hydroxide solution in 1981. After more than 30 years, it still maintains the fiber shape.

6). X-ray permeability is good.

7). Good electrical and thermal conductivity.

8). Good electromagnetic shielding.


2.Application areas:

1). Aerospace: fuselage, rudder, rocket engine casing, missile diffuser, solar panel, etc.

2). Sports equipment: auto parts, motorcycle parts, fishing rods, baseball bats, skis, speedboats, badminton rackets, etc.

3). Industry: engine parts, fan blades, drive shafts, and electrical components, etc.

4). Fire protection: It is suitable for the production of special high-grade fireproof clothing for troops, firefighting, steel mills and so on.

5). Construction: the use load of the building is increased, the function of the project is changed, the material is aging, and the concrete strength level is lower than the design value

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