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Carbon Fiber Breastboard Composite Panel Medical Parts

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Future

Material: Carbon Fiber+Epoxy Resin

Appearance: UD/3k weave

Surface Treatment: Glossy/ Matte

Applications: Medical device parts

Feature: High Strength/ Light Weight

Technology: Lamination technology

Product Description

    Since 2006, Future produced carbon fiber accessories and consumables in the field of radiation oncology, including other carbon fiber panels and foam core sandwich composite panels, as well as other made-to-order parts.

    The carbon fiber breast board is provided and supported in a variety of ways, designed for the specific fixation required by breast patients, and the support bracket is designed for patient rest. This product can be used with wrist, cervical and shoulder shields, ideal choice for IMRT inspection. 



Brand Name



Carbon fiber & foam core

ApplicationRadiation oncology parts

   Details of Carbon Fiber Breast board: 

After using:     4.3.4 Carbon Fiber Breastboard Composite Panel Medical Parts-3

--This product provides the immobilization for the breast patients at the desired angle by the help of arm and thigh supports.

--Wrist arm supports are designed for rest of patient.

--The product can be used with thermoplastic head, neck and shoulder masks.

--The system is ideal for IMRT and conformal treatments.


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