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CE Carbon Fiber Intake Front Bumper Air Duct Cover China

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Future

Material: Real Carbon fiber

Size: Custom

Shape: Custom

Surfacetreatment:Matte, glossy

Application: Replacement car parts

Product Description


1. It can increase the high-density air intake, speed up the air flow rate, and quickly introduce the intake manifold to increase the horsepower;

2, The carbon fiber material has heat dissipation and light weight, which can isolate the hot air, quickly cool the intake air temperature, and the car engine can exert the combustion efficiency and increase the horsepower;

3, The carbon fiber air intake system makes the flow speed faster, more air flows in per unit time, the engine runs faster, and the tail speed can be increased. 


Product information:

Item NameCarbon fiber intake front bumper air duct
Material100% real carbon fiber
Width x LengthCustom
ColorNatural black/ kevlar colored
FitmentUniversal to many car brands
PackagePP in carbon box each


   After installation:

1.1.13 CE carbon fiber intake front bumper air duct cover China-详情-3


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