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Forged Red Color Carbon Fiber Full Brim Hard Hat Lift Safety Helmet

Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand: Future
Techniques: Mold pressing
Product Type: Carbon fiber parts
Pattern: custom
Surface: Matte or glossy
Supply Type: Make-to-Order
Material: 100% Carbon Fiber
Weight: 1.6g/cm3
Thickness: 1mm-3mm

Product Description

Carbon fiber hard hat is one of your best choice for a high strength, durable, ultra light and comfortable full brim or short brim safety helmet.
The density of carbon fiber material is only 1.5g/cm3, which is of ultra lightweight which means no problem to wear it in long time, with its strong tensile modulus, it’s more resistant to impact, much safer than ordinary plastic.

Future composites are capable of producing carbon fiber hard hat by molding pressing technique, which is of high productivity and cost-effective. Please contact us with your 3D drawing or sample, for a best price! For your reference, Future will sign and keep the NDA terms, both OEM and ODM business are acceptable.

When and why use carbon fiber hard hat?

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Both carbon fiber and resin hard hat could be used in construction, electric, street work, and almost all types of jobs. Both carbon fiber hard hat and resin hard hat are durable and resist the electric shock lower than 2200voltages in small and big construction.

But class E carbon fiber hard hat is able to deal with 20,000 voltages of electric shocks, which resin hard hat is not. The price of Carbon fiber hard hat is higher, but it’s totally worth it when the voltages is over 20,000 for safety.


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