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Carbon Composites Carbon Fiber U Channel Angle 1 1.5mm

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Future Composites
Packaging: Carton box or steel shelf
Delivery Time: 10-12days
Payment Terms: T/T or Paypal
Production machine: Pultrusion technique
CNC service: Possible
Custom size: Possible

Product Description

Why pultruded tube and rod MOQ is so high?
     Pultrusion molding is composed of three sequential and continuous automated processes, first one is to form a bundle of carbon fibers with a proper orientation structure, and the second stage is to impregnate the resin in the fiber preform. These two stages can be performed in parallel to save time. The third stage is in heat setting in the mold, the shaping, curing and forming the final solid part are completed.
The whole process is affected by conditions such as tensile force, thermal expansion coefficient, and temperature. it's a long production line and need time to fix the right size and meet the tolerance requirement, so there will be some wastes before qualified tube and rod produced. 

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7.1.8 carbon composites carbon-详情-2

Other shapes of carbon fiber profiles, for more information please send email to our sales person, we will reply you as soon as we can.7.1.8 carbon composites carbon-详情-4

Our workshop of roll wrapping and pultrusion line:
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Shipping and packing of carbon profiles:
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