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4mm Real UD Uni-directional Carbon Fiber Sheet

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Future
Material: Carbon Fiber+Epoxy Resin
Appearance: Forged/chopped weave
Surface Treatment: Glossy/ Matte
Applications: Industrial parts, drone parts
Feature: High Strength/ Light Weight
Technology: Lamination technology

Product Description

Features of carbon fiber sheets made by Future:
--Sheet made with advanced infusion technology (in vacuum) that ensures stiffness improved by approximately 30% compared to manually produced sheets.
- -Made from high quality 100% carbon fiber (CFRP).
--Mirror-like perfect gloss of top layer.
--Extraordinary appearance, without any defects related to air micro bubbles (pinholes) – very common in the case of manually produced sheets.

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-1

Dimensions: cut to any dimensions (3000x8000cm max).
Fiber layout: 2/2 (also sheets with 1/1 are available).
Finish: single or double side gloss, protection against UV.

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-2

Remarks: for other size and thickness please send email to our sales person for more details, we are capable of custom all other weaves and size by your requirements. CNC service also available.

Large size UD surface carbon fiber sheet:

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-3

Available color and weaves made by Future:

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-4

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-5

CNC milling and drilling carbon fibre sheets:

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-6

Related carbon fiber products made by Future:

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-7

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-8

3.1.6 4mm real UD uni--详情-9


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