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Carbon Fiber Application in Car Parts

1, Carbon fiber trunk

Carbon fiber is generally continuous with luxury cars, and now a pickup truck's trunk will also launch a carbon fiber version. This is GMC's Sierra Carbon Edition. The main benefit of the CarbonPro version is the lighter weight. GMC says the composite cargo box sheds 60 pounds over a similarly equipped Sierra steel cargo box. In addition, the automaker says that since the carbon fiber cargo box already provides the protection and grip normally provided by these extra features, there is no need to install pads on the cargo box, saving even more weight. GMC says the CarbonPro cargo box offers best-in-class cargo volume, not to mention best-in-class dent, scratch and corrosion protection.


2, Carbon fiber bumper & side skirt

Maserati Levante's bumpers and side skirts use carbon fiber decorative panels to make it more sporty. It also uses 22-inch wheels and provides two wheel colors to choose from. The air intake grille adopts a family-style design style. The sharp headlights on both sides are extremely sporty.


3, Carbon fiber full body

The entire front face of the Qiantu K50 is very low-slung. The wheelbase is 2650 mm. The volume of the whole car is similar to that of a McLaren 570. And the width reaches the level of the Porsche 918, which is very good. It is worth mentioning that, except for the front and rear bumpers and the left and right side skirts, the whole car is made of carbon fiber, which makes the whole car lighter. done. This car also specifically explored the process of mass production of carbon fiber for mass production, and did not see a very exaggerated aerodynamic kit on this car.


4, Carbon fiber fender

The appearance of the M5 Competition has been significantly changed. The entire air intake grille has been blackened, and a one-piece air intake grille has been made, which is somewhat similar to the design of the M2, but this time it is very eye-catching. Very expensive carbon fiber parts, the bottom fender is also made of carbon fiber, the side is a typical short-axle M5 model, the wheels are 20-inch large wheels, and the tires use Michelin's advanced sports tires. The rear is also composed of carbon fiber, and there is a small black rear wing above it, which is more individual. The car logo adopts a blackened M5 design, which is very cool.


5, Carbon fiber front and rear lip

NIO's first mass-produced car is called ES8, which is a medium-to-large pure electric SUV. The very futuristic front face has a high degree of recognition, the complex headlights adopt a split design, coupled with powerful performance, etc., these are the first impressions of the car to us. However, in the face of such a pure electric model, although the modification space is far less than that of a gasoline car, it can still be modified in appearance.

Wheel brows that are larger than the original car are also included in the kit. And it is matched with the new-style rear lip. In addition to the spoiler function, the front lip, wheel eyebrows and rear lip are all made of carbon fiber. The fuller wheels are 22-inch multi-spoke, and bright blue is added to the front and side windows for decoration. The interior also adds a lot of carbon fiber trim strips, and also adds blue as an embellishment.


6, carbon fiber wheel eyebrows

In the above-mentioned NIO ES8 cars, carbon fiber wheel eyebrows have been used to a certain extent, while the 2018 Mercedes- G500 4×4 car adopts the whole car carbon fiber wheel eyebrows.

The Mercedes- G500 4×4 front bumper adopts the same design as the G-Class AMG model. The lower part of the bumper adds a chrome lower guard, and the roof adds a detachable carbon fiber spoiler, which is integrated on both sides of the spoiler. LED lighting system. In addition, due to the widening of the new wheel base, compared with the normal version of the G 500, the width of the four-wheel eyebrows of the Mercedes- G5004x4 concept car has been significantly increased, and the black carbon fiber wheel eyebrows also endow the vehicle with a more powerful appearance.

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