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Custom 12K 10mm 25Mm C Gird Carbon Fiber Cloth Mesh China

Brand Name: Future
Type: Carbon fiber mesh
Material: 100% carbon fiber
Color: Natural color
Tow size: 12k, 24k
Grid size: 10mm, 20mm, 25mm or custom
Weave: Plain
Uses: Concrete reinforcement

Product Description

Carbon fiber mesh cloth is also called carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber composites cloth, carbon fiber woven cloth, etc. Carbon fiber mesh cloth has the characteristics of high strength, low density, thin thickness, and basically does not increase the weight and cross-sectional size of the reinforcing member. It is currently widely used Major areas.

The characteristics of carbon fiber mesh cloth: used for tensile and seismic reinforcement of structural members. This material is used together with the supporting impregnating glue to become a carbon fiber composite material, which can form a complete carbon fiber cloth sheet reinforcement system with excellent performance, suitable for processing buildings Increased use load, changes in engineering use functions, aging of materials, concrete strength levels lower than design values, structural crack treatment, service component repairs in harsh environments, and protection reinforcement projects.

Product name:

carbon fiber mesh

Tow size:

12K, 24k carbon fiber


10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 50cm or custom


25m, 50m, 100m or custom


grid weave


0.35 mm


original carbon fiber color

grid size:

10mx10m, 15mmx15mm, 25mmx 25mm or custom

For other spec not listed, please contact our sales person now, we will offer our best factory price to you.

How to use carbon fiber mesh for reinforcement?

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The application of carbon fiber mesh cloth:
5.7.1 custom 12k 10mm 25mm c gird carbon fiber cloth mesh china -详情-2

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